Of communication and assecksery

I’m finding it hard to communicate with people lately. It could just be that I suck and am illogical (actually, that’s probably the reason) but I find myself unable to connect with other people. I mean, we can still converse, points still get across… but not completely. Oh well. Thankfully no one hates me too much yet, but I foresee much hate in the future.

I’m sorry, but gay no longer means homosexual, people. It means stupid. Get over it! Stop policing the internet now, thanks. Gay means stupid, pretty much. If you’re using “gay” to describe an inanimate object, chances are you’re not thinking of the inanimate object’s sexual preference anymore. IE: Myspace is gay.

In lighter news, debate has started up again, and I’m happy. My novel seems to kick ass, I’m in a better mood most of the time, homework is easy, classes are easy via being cut back thanks to the WASL, etc etc… Life is good!


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