I’m stoked.

I’ve been inspired. I have started writing again! I just wrote 2,000 words. I couldn’t be more excited. I wrote 2,000 words and the prologue isn’t done yet. My vision is coming together finally. Don’t ask me to read it until it’s done. I can’t bare to have people read it before it’s done. There will be too many questions. You have to read it as a whole. You can’t just read it piecemeal.

The tale of Seth Vidar will finally be told.

I still have more work to do on the prologue but I’m a bit too tired. I don’t have a title appropriate for the piece. I’ve never had a title appropriate for the piece. I bet none of you care anyway. But I care. This represents about seven years of my seventeen on this planet. It is my life’s work, if I have one. And I might complete it! And soon! I’m going to try and write everyday for an hour or two. And maybe I’ll finish. And then I’ll go back and edit. And then maybe a few select people can read it.

Seth Vidar…! Finally…and John Rankor… and Raine Vigros…and Xaos…and Lans Igal…and the Fallen…and the Crimson Void…and the Eternity Tear…and Zenerth…and Mallintire…and the Genesis…the Bodies…the Souls…the Archetype…the original sin…the Betrayal…the Betrayers…the truth…the lies…Athanathius…Zaos…The Great Purge…Saiful Daedalus…Death Hunter…The Monolith…The Exemplar…the conflict…the battle…the sacrifices… IT WILL ALL BE TOLD!

If you’ve read anything by me before, YOU HADN’T EVEN SCRATCHED THE SURFACE AT WHAT I WAS TRYING TO GET AT. But now, I feel confident I’ll finally write the story I’ve been trying to write. Today is a momentous day.


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