Dead Men Tell No Tales Redux: Little Man

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Today’s theme song is Atmosphere’s “Little Man.”

Perhaps I jumped the gun in thinking I could so quickly progress into later phases of my life. I forgot several interesting and perhaps crucial details about my childhood.

I may have been too quick to say that my childhood was more or less normal. I have always known – and appreciated! – that I certainly didn’t have it “that bad.” One interesting familial wrinkle I forgot to highlight concerned parental disagreements. I cannot recall in my early youth if they were frequently disagreeable (or, stated another way, often fighting about small things – as they would later in life) … but every once in a great while they would get into a rather vicious verbal disagreement. My father, who was normally a very patient, docile sort of man, could erupt in a powerful anger made even more poignant by its rarity. Sometimes these fights would end with either parent storming out – leaving those of us left behind to wonder whether they would ever return. The strangest ends to these fights happened when the parent storming out would take one of us kids with them – I can remember at least being taken once by either parent and can’t say for sure how many times it truly happened.

Another interesting wrinkle about my upbringing I forgot to highlight was my internet activity. I can’t be certain exactly how young I started getting online, though I do know it was before I was even 11. This is because I had already started using at age 11, under the alias DaMan (user id 161 on those boards) and later Death Hunter (40,000+ something user id) and there’s all sorts of interesting things that happened on GameFAQs, though those things were going on more in the “middle school” phase of my life, so we’ll get there in due time.

Early internet use centered almost solely around built in America Online features, however, and most specifically chat rooms. I was fascinated by the ability to basically talk to anyone, and because I’ve always preferred to type correctly, people just assumed I was much older than I was. While I can’t remember anything super specific about what I would chat about, or how frequently I was chatting, or much about who I was chatting with, I do recall there was one (supposedly) 18 year old girl who had something of a romantic interest in me until she found out I was 9 or 10 or whatever.

Being that I’m still quite busy on my holiday trip, I’ll have to continue breaking this up into smaller posts.

2 thoughts on “Dead Men Tell No Tales Redux: Little Man

  1. I remember my first few days online. Classmate of mined kept asking me when I’ll join on IRC.

    Once I figured out what that was I’ve been stuck to the whole I can speak ot anyone online anywhere at any time of the day about anything of interest.

    Been chatting ever since.

    • @ruskie/asny

      There’s something to be said for the meeting of the minds and intellectual/emotional intimacy; but there is also something to be said for physical intimacy and affection. Ideally you have both with the same person.

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